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Jane Austen’s Health Problems, a Guest Post by Kyra Kramer

Jane Austen’s Problematic Health Predicting the due date of a pregnancy is a matter of guesswork, even in these modern times. Babies are notorious for following their own schedule rather than the convenience of their mother, midwife, or obstetrician. Nevertheless, … Continue reading

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Austen Fandom vs. Austen Academics, a Guest Post from Melanie Rachel

This post appeared on Austen Authors in November 2016. As I am often asked why I choose to spend part of my writing career authoring JAFF (Jane Austen Fan Fiction), perhaps Melanie Rachel’s explanation of what she experienced at the … Continue reading

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Wife Selling as a Means to a Moral Divorce, but Not Necessarily a Legal One

From the late 18th to the mid 19th centuries in England, divorce was expense—too expense for many of the populace. Divorce required a private Act of Parliament that could cost the petitioner somewhere around £3000. It also required the blessing … Continue reading

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