Working on a new novella

After spending several hours  doing yard work (out at 7 A.M. before the heat advisory set in once again in Charlotte), I have been working on a new novella (tentative title “His American Lovesong”). I conceived this piece taking a totally different direction from what it has. Originally, the girl was to be a bit “bungling” – you know, falling in the pond, etc., but it has not come together that way. It probably comes from the fact that I thought it would be funny if the main female character got sprayed by a skunk. The only problem is there are no skunks in England. As this is a Regency romance, my concept changed, and the work has taken on a life of its own. Unfortunately, that happens to me often. I plan one path for the characters, and another one “magically appears.”

It seems that Ulysses Press is considering my “Touch” series. I have finished the first two and am working on the third. The new mystery “The Phantom of Pemberley” should be out within three weeks.  I am anxious for its release. Supposedly, several large orders are expected if we can get it out by that time.

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Regina Jeffers is the award-winning author of Austenesque, Regency and historical romantic suspense.
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4 Responses to Working on a new novella

  1. Lilly Gayle says:

    Congrats on your success! And I did not know there weren’t any skunks in England. Interesting new fact to store away in my head full of often useless knowledge. lol!

  2. Diane Bradford says:

    Loved the blog. And your website!
    I don’t hear of too many skunks in North Carolina, either. At least I’ve never seen one since we’ve lived here, and we live outside of Thomasville. I’m from West Texas where they abound! And I do mean abound. When I was a little girl, a skunk scurried under our house and “sprayed” when cornered by a dog. Ughhh! It was horrible. My mom washed everything in tomato juice which seemed to work. But that delightful smell lingered in the walls and floors for days and days. Not a pleasant memory.

    • When I taught middle school in Ohio, one of our science teachers liked to sit outside in the evening and grade papers. One day, a skunk got her and the papers. She came into the school at 5 to xerox the students’ work so she might still grade them. I would have counted that as one last grade. Then she took a “sick” day to get the smell off of her. I can never think of a skunk without thinking of the smell she left in the teacher work area that day. LOL!!!

  3. Lilly Gayle says:

    Oh, there are skunks in NC, Diane. You will know it if you ever hit one with your car! And when I had outdoor dogs, they got sprayed frequently! Maybe they’re just more prevalent here in the Triangle than the Triad. 🙂

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